The MediaLight Pro 6500K CRI 99 Ra (51 cm) Bias Lighting System

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The MediaLight Pro 6500K CRI 99 Ra (51 cm) Bias Lighting System - Bias Lighting
The MediaLight Pro 6500K CRI 99 Ra (51 cm) Bias Lighting System - Bias Lighting The MediaLight Pro 6500K CRI 99 Ra (51 cm) Bias Lighting System - Bias Lighting The MediaLight Pro 6500K CRI 99 Ra (51 cm) Bias Lighting System - Bias Lighting The MediaLight Pro 6500K CRI 99 Ra (51 cm) Bias Lighting System - Bias Lighting The MediaLight Pro 6500K CRI 99 Ra (51 cm) Bias Lighting System - Bias Lighting


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  • Hello, i would like to know if there will be 99Ra MediaLight Pro for television (upto 85" and/or quad) with remote controlled dimmer and rigid fixture? (I worry about permanently sticking stuff on my tv). Thanks!

    We are currently building larger versions of our MediaLight Pro line.  Due to extensive testing, we expect that they will be ready in late January. The pricing for the Pro version of a single strip or Quad is estimated to be about 2.5 time the price of the standard 95 Ra version. 

    You may want to use the included wire clips to attach your strips.  Once the strips are adhered to the TV they are virtually impossible to remove intact. 

  • Does this have multiple color options that you can change? or will it only show white?

    Nothing for sale on our site changes colors. Everything on our site is “video white” D65/6500K professional reference-quality bias lighting.  Instead of making your wall change colors, this kind of light will make the colors on your TV look better.

  • What's the difference between the rigid version and the strip version?

    The strips have identical output and length, it's just that the rigid version comes pre-installed in a custom, all-black, aluminum channel, making it more like a fixture (albeit a very slim one) for people used to using systems like fluorescent tubes.  This allows for easier mounting and removal in some settings, as the VHB adhesive on the strip version can make future removal a challenge. The rigid versions includes VHB tabs so that you can still stick it to the back of your monitor.

$89.95 $129.95

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More MediaLight Pro units are coming in late February. Thanks to ProVideoCoalition to putting MediaLight Pro on their Christmas List. 👍 (That's why we temporarily ran out of stock. We are making MANY more!)

The MediaLight Pro:
The best bias light we've ever built*

*But you probably shouldn't buy it.
(Not unless you are a professional colourist).

If you are a professional colourist, please go here to purchase the MediaLight Pro. 

We've added this disclaimer because many consumers are buying the MediaLight Pro and it's simply not suitable for their needs.

Our standard MediaLight units are 95 Ra. A CRI of 95 is suitable for professional use. 

So, why make a 99 Ra version? 

1) Because we could.
2) Because we believe it is where consumer LED technology will be in a few years. 
3) Because if somebody was going to do it first, we figured it might as well be us. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

The 20-inch MediaLight Pro does not include a remote (the dimmer is on the cable).  It is not suitable for wall mounted displays. 

We will offer a Quad version and longer Single Strip within 4 months (it is now Mid-October 2018).  Customers should expect the 99 Ra versions to cost roughly 2.5x the price of our standard 95 Ra versions at launch. 

Technology marches on, however, and we're sure that within the next 18 months, all of our standard products will have a CRI of 99 Ra. Our first MediaLight was a breakthrough and it was only 90 Ra, and this was only 2 years ago. 

The MediaLight Pro was created for colourists who need the highest CRI and the most uniform spectral power distribution in a bias light for their professional displays. The Pro uses an entirely new class of ColorGrade™ SMD (LED) chips, powered by near-violet photon engines, and with an incredible colour rendering index (CRI) of 99 Ra (TLCI 99.3 Qa). The MediaLight Pro is indistinguishable from daylight to the human eye.

It's an entirely new kind of bias light, powered by an entirely new class of SMD (LED) lighting. 

The human eye primarily sees wavelengths between 400-700 nanometers. The spectral power distribution curve (SPD) for the MediaLight Pro reveals that instead of the telltale harsh blue spike found in traditional white LED systems, the near-violet photon engine's energy falls largely in the subperceptual range.

Most commodity LED lighting systems fall apart in the R9 and R12 values, which are not included in CRI calculations, but are necessary for the faithful reproduction of skin tones and deep reds. They are often replaced with much more energy-efficient, and cheaper green phosphors, which can result in a greenish colour cast, even when used to illuminate a grey surface, such as is the case with bias lighting. Beyond the violet photon engine, which eliminates "blue spike," The MediaLight Pro uses a special blend of phosphors that include these vital reds, resulting in a much smoother SPD and more natural light.

With a colour rendering index (CRI) of 99 Ra (TLCI 99.3 Qa) and CCT of 6500K, the MediaLight Pro is the most advanced D65 compliant bias lighting system available today.

It is compact. It can be powered by the USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 ports on your professional monitor, and it costs 1/3 the price of high-CRI, blue emitter-based professional bias lights that are less accurate.

MediaLight Pro features:

  • 6500K CCT (Correlated Colour Temperature)
  • CRI 99 Ra (TLCI 99.3 Qa) ColorGrade™ SMD (LED) chips
  • 50 cm flexible light strip or rigid aluminum channel versions -- a perfect fit for your 24" professional monitor
  • 4ft USB extension cord - can be powered from USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 ports on your display or computer
  • Included PWM dimmer
  • 5v USB Power
  • Included wire routing clips 
  • Peel and stick 3M VHB mounting adhesive
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

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