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Shipping & Delivery Terms of Service

Shipping fees from this website never include any customs duties or brokerage fees that you may owe upon delivery.

These fees can exceed the value of your order, depending on the tariffs and fees in your country. If you don't pay them, you won't get your product and will not be entitled to a refund for your order. 

🚨 International customers, please use DHL or UPS if you are on a deadline. 

If you place an order, you accept all of the following shipping terms, which dictate if and when a replacement unit or refund will be offered:

International orders

Domestic Orders

⚠️ Freight forwarder warning 

If you use a freight forwarder, there's a higher chance that you won't receive your MediaLight product and that we won't replace it. 

If we have a dealer in your country, please order from them instead. It will be faster, the warranty service will be better, and the there won't be any surprise fees due on delivery. 

We have dealers in Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, and New Zealand and while the prices might appear to be higher, you will avoid the nasty surprise of customs and brokerage duties by buying locally. If you order from the USA and you do not accept an international shipment because you don't want to pay the duties, we will not be able to provide a refund of your order.

Duties are based on the total retail price plus the cost of shipping.  We will not enter a lower cost on the customs form.