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MediaLight Mk2 Eclipse 1 Meter (For Computer Displays)

61 reviews
Original price $32.95 - Original price $42.90
Original price
$32.95 - $42.90
Current price $32.95
Product details

The MediaLight Mk2 Series: 
Optimal Lighting For Color-Critical Video
Viewing Environments

It's not just about getting that perfect shot; it's also about making sure that what you see on screen is exactly what others will see when they watch your work. That's why we've designed our products with accuracy in mind - so you can be confident that every detail of your project will be represented accurately on any viewing device.

The MediaLight Mk2 Series was developed to provide an accurate, Simulated D65 “dim surround” bias light solution for the most demanding home cinema and professional video editing applications.

The Mk2 Eclipse 1m combines ultra-high CRI and color temperature accuracy with the convenience and portability of a USB-powered LED bias lighting system. Color-stable dimming and instant warmup ensure that your surround light is always on target.

All MediaLight Mk2 Series products share the same simulated D65 spectral power distribution, avoiding perceptual matching issues and ensuring consistent and controllable lighting. Order a MediaLight and see the difference for yourself. 


MediaLight Mk2 Specifications:

  • High-accuracy 6500K CCT (Correlated Color Temperature)
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) ≥ 98 Ra (TLCI 99)
  • Spectro Report (.PDF)
  • Color-stable dimming and instant warmup
  • USB 3.0 Powered
  • Included PWM dimmer (remote control is available at an additional cost)
  • Peel and stick authentic 3M mounting adhesive
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Recommended for all displays, including High Dynamic Range (HDR)
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Customer Reviews
4.9 Based on 61 Reviews
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Matthew C.
United States United States
Great bias lights

Great product, amazing, personal customer service.

Steven A.
United States United States
3rd MediaLight purchase. Wouldn’t want to live without.

I used this 1 meter size for backlighting a 55in LG TV on table stands. One strip across the middle works great because there is a little bit of distance from the wall. If the TV were wall mounted I would need to go with a larger size to evenly backlight it. I also have the same 1 meter size on a ViewSonic 24” computer display (also on the table stand), where it is able to mount in a square pattern. Love these for working on things in low ambient lighting or watching a movie with the lights out. Great product and support!

MediaLight Bias Lighting MediaLight Mk2 Eclipse 1 Meter (For Computer Displays) Review
MediaLight Bias Lighting

Hi, Steven! I just want to point out that when a television is on a stand, you don't necessarily need to go around the edges of the display. I've also used our 1 meter eclipse on a 55 inch TV on a stand and the result was great. The resulting dim surround (or halo/glow as some would call it) ends up being a bit softer and more expansive. When the lights are closer to the edge, the surround looks a bit more defined. Either works. The way that you have it is what I'd call a classic "Ideal-Lume" bias light look (the professional bias lighting brand that started it all about 20 years ago). Another point to note here. Your paint has some gloss to it. In situations like this, being further from the edge can actually be a benefit. We want to avoid specular highlights (mirror-like highlight reflections) of individual LEDs. By staying further from the edge as you did, you ensure that this is the case. TL;DR You don't need to go around the edges when the TV is on a stand. However, the look is a bit more old-school, with softer "borders."

Peter A.
United States United States
Wonderful Product, Wonderful Company

My bias lights on my grading monitor have transformed my editing experience. I didn’t even know this product existed and what I was missing. I was particularly impressed with Jason’s personalized email checking to make sure I was happy with my product. I only spent $60! However, I’ll be spending more as I add more monitors to my setup. The only place I’ll go to buy bias lighting is MediaLight. That’s what customer service is all about and how you acquire customers for life. Thank you Jason and the whole team. Peter Axtell

Jodie S.
United States United States
No more eye strains!

The MediaLight Mk2 Eclipse 1 Meter light makes it easier to see my computer monitor in a dark room. Should have one from day one. Can't leave home without it. I highly recommend the MediaLight Mk2 Eclipse 1 Meter light.

Larry R.
United States United States
Monitor Bias Light is well worth it!

I was skeptical of 6500k lighting as I am a flashlight nerd and we tend to scoff at anything colder than 5,000k...but I can't deny the science behind this setup. It's super high CRI and a completely FLAT white with no BLUE whatsoever. Amazing.